Rescue and Safety Clinic for Beginners

This clinic is for people with some paddling experience that would like to learn how to rescue themselves and their partners.
Jeff Burdison

Your personal Vancouver Island kayak guide, Certified Paddle Canada Instructor / Certified SKGABC Guide

    COST OF CLINIC – $79

    Location: Westwood Lake, Nanaimo

    • April 3,2023  *SOLD OUT*
    • April19,2023 10:00-14:00

    *June 1 – September 14  [contact me to determine availability]

    This clinic will be 4 hours in duration and is available 7 days a week with a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6.

    If interested, fill out form below and I will contact you.

    In this clinic you will learn to:

    • Assess risk and how to mitigate that risk by making sound decisions.
    • Properly outfit your kayak with safety gear.
    • What to bring to have a safe day paddle.
    • Prevent capsizes by using a low brace.
    • Do a controlled wet exit.
    • Do a solo rescue.
    • Do an assisted rescue and be rescued in turn by your partner.
    • Deal with a hypothermic person.
    • Scenarios [if time left we practice what ifs].

    Required equipment and gear:

    • Kayak with sealed storage hatches.
    • PFD [lifejacket] with whistle attached.
    • Paddle.
    • Spray skirt that fits your kayak.
    • Paddle float [inflatable floats work best- more buoyancy].
    • Throw rope.
    • Pump.

    Optional gear*:

    • Drysuit or wetsuit.
    • Neoprene hat.
    • Neoprene gloves.

    *Limited supply of equipment and gear available for rent at reasonable rates.

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